BNE Auto Mall, Brisbane, Australia

Aurecon supercharges the land development surrounding Brisbane Airport with BNE Auto Mall

Over the past three decades, Brisbane Airport has seen substantial growth and diversification of its land uses to complement the core function of operating a domestic and international airport.

The extensive landholding, close to Brisbane’s Central Business District (CBD), offers a unique opportunity to develop the city’s multimodal transport hub and world-class commercial environment.

The BNE Auto Mall is Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC’s) latest large-scale development scheduled to open from late 2023. It will be Australia’s benchmark automotive precinct designed for new and used car buyers, motoring enthusiasts and the public.

The development will involve a multi‑purpose auto retailing hub that sees flagship dealerships sitting next to exhibition and conference activities, an event area, driver training schools and regional offices, located around a multi-purpose test track.

The Mark Skaife-designed test track will feature high-speed straights, skid pan, handling and off-road 4WD circuits. The test track will also be available for manufacturer launch events, media driving events, driver training, vehicle engineering and development, corporate events and general test driving.

From the beginning

Aurecon has a long-standing working relationship with BAC and contributed to the BNE Auto Mall right at the start of the concept. Drainage design scenarios were developed for concept design, and then Aurecon prepared the high and low voltage reticulation, telecommunications and stormwater drainage elements of the infrastructure integration plan that BAC submitted for government approval.

The successful outcomes of these early works meant that Aurecon was BAC’s ideal partner in the coordination and delivery of the BNE Auto Mall’s Exposure Draft Major Development Plan (MDP). Aurecon provided an environmental and operational assessment, including assessment of acoustics, aviation, contamination, ecology, land use, water quality and traffic. The MDP was a vital part of the approval process to bring the BNE Auto Mall concept to life.

Environmental assessment

Prior to the BNE Auto Mall’s Draft MDP, Aurecon also prepared an Environmental Assessment Report (EAR) for the bulk earthworks component of the BNE Auto Mall. This included detailed assessments of flora and fauna, water quality, noise and vibration, air quality, cultural heritage and ground transport.

The objective of the Environmental Assessment Report was to identify potential environmental issues and impacts associated with the bulk earthworks and recommend appropriate measures to ensure any impacts are minimised and managed through the design and construction.

Flexible design and layout

The design and layout of the BNE Auto Mall had to ensure that a mix of land uses could be accommodated without negatively impacting the existing surrounding commercial and residential areas. Aurecon worked closely with BAC in master planning the Mall to ensure proposed land uses were suitable and included provision for future development opportunities.

Aurecon’s technical design inputs were in the form of traffic and transport assessments, acoustics modelling, aviation operation plans and land use evaluations.

Digital engineering

Aurecon developed visual representations, including renders and a fly-through of the BNE Auto Mall to accompany the Draft MDP, together with providing regulatory agencies and other stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the proposed design.

Aurecon’s digital expertise was critical for demonstrating the significance of the development and potential benefit to the city of Brisbane.

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