Bengkulu Coal Terminal Upgrade, Indonesia

Aurecon developing concept design for improved operation

  • Upgrade of existing Coal Terminal Facilities to meet international standards to serve Panamax class ships
  • Aurecon's role: concept design
  • Client: Pelabuhan Indonesia II

Aurecon was appointed by Pelabuhan Indonesia II to perform the concept design for the upgrade of the existing Bengkulu Coal Terminal Facilities. Pelindo II plans to upgrade its existing Bengkulu Coal Terminal, located at Pulau Baai, 20 km from Bengkulu, to meet bulk terminal international standards, with an export capacity of 10 Mtpa serving Panamax class ship (60,000 DWT vessels).

The upgrading works is designed to be constructed in stages.

Key project activities:

  • Review the existing coal terminal equipment (conveyor) and propose steps to optimise operation system of conveyor (1500tph) and calculate capital cost
  • Propose the best operation method for coal terminal to accommodate Panamax class ship of dry bulk type at Bengkulu Port
  • Propose operational pattern and maximum realistic capacity which includes layout and design of the terminal, equipment needed (type, number of equipment, the capacity and general arrangement of equipment), necessary facilities (berth and stockpile), and traffic management
  • Propose standard operational procedure (SOP) and terminal safety procedure which includes terminal key performance indicator
  • Develop investment capital (facility and equipment) and operational cost of coal terminal
  • Develop a brief environmental and regulation assessment
  • Develop operational organization terminal including required personnel

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