METRONET Bellevue Railcar Assembly Facility, Perth, Australia

Designing and delivering the great WA train revival

Aurecon is delivering the detailed design of a new $46 million Railcar Assembly Facility at Bellevue, Western Australia.

Part of the METRONET project for the Public Transport Authority (PTA) of Western Australia, the facility will be where manufacturer Alstom will construct and maintain 246 C-series railcars, as well the replacement railcars for the Australind service.

Aurecon is the Technical Advisor for PTA’s METRONET Railcar Procurement Project, supporting METRONET during the next four years, and is acting as Lead Consultant for the design of the METRONET Assembly Facility and future depot and stabling facility. The project has reached completion of the first critical stage of detailed design delivery and Aurecon is now providing constructability support and as-built production capability.

Our diverse local WA rolling stock team is providing a whole of lifecycle approach, utilising its rolling stock expertise and experience and innate future-readiness to successfully deliver the detailed design output in a tight timeframe.

The assembly and commissioning facility, which will be built at Bellevue and which is only a few kilometres away from where the original home of railways in Perth stood at the Midland workshops, will support the $1.6 billion Railcar Program.

This program will deliver 102 new railcars (17 six-car sets) needed for METRONET projects and 144 railcars (24 six-car sets) to replace the ageing A-series trains, which were the first electric trains on the Transperth network.

It will also seek to replace the five diesel railcars that operate the twice daily Australind service between Perth and Bunbury.

Delivery of the first 17 METRONET trains, known as the C-series, is due to begin in 2021, with the remaining 24 trains expected to enter service between 2023 and 2028.

Not only will this project allow increased capacity on the rail network to cater for boosted passenger numbers, it will improve service efficiency and reliability, as the older A-series trains are retired.

Aurecon is partnering with PTA to navigate the future of WA’s rail network. This project has been called the “Great WA train revival” and will help to positively change how people live and travel in Perth.

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