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Barangaroo Ferry Wharf, Australia

Aurecon delivers a new generation Ferry Wharf in Sydney for Transport for NSW that is accessible, elegant and functional

Design innovation by Aurecon and Cox Architecture is delivering a new generation Ferry Wharf in Sydney for Transport for NSW that is accessible, elegant and functional for an estimated 8 000 customers expected to move through it every day, and up to 30 000 during major events.

Barangaroo Ferry Wharf will be Sydney’s largest ferry wharf after Circular Quay, and will be the customer link from the Western Suburbs and Northern Beaches to the Barangaroo Precinct.

Design objectives

  • Direct public access to the Barangaroo precinct.
  • Accommodate future growth.
  • Provide compliant accessibility for mobility impaired passengers.
  • Deliver a modern, ambitious and elegant architectural design in the maritime environment.
  • Improve capacity of ferry services during major events.

The challenge

The challenge of integrating these disparate design objectives required deep collaboration between the marine, building design and architectural disciplines. The depth of this collaboration has brought about a functional, elegant and an enduring ferry wharf. Aurecon and Cox Architecture had previously worked together to design the flood resilient ferry terminals for Brisbane.

Digital engineering coupled with visualisation helped to solve complex engineering problems, as well as helping Transport for NSW and stakeholders to visualise the completed wharf.

The model captures detailed wharf pile information and combines this data with structural and architectural models to produce an accurate visualisation of the project to assist the construction team.

Aurecon’s real-time visualisation software, VIZ RT, is the perfect tool for client collaboration by putting everyone on the same page and promoting a shared understanding of a project’s various design and construction elements.

Design meets functionality

Expert engineering methodology paired with a cutting edge architectural intent has resulted in the design of a facility that will set the new standard for all future developments in this discipline. The uniquely open design enables the seamless integration of function and convenience for commuters while being fully compliant with the latest disability access standards.

The wharves are angled to minimise extrusion into the extremely narrow waterway but still allowing enough room for the future fleet of bigger Sydney ferries to enter, exit and be stored overnight. With varied geological conditions each of the 76 steel tube piles are individually driven into the seabed as the foundation for the two wharves.

The Barangaroo Ferry Wharf has not only been designed to transit day-to-day passengers, it has been designed large enough to handle special events in Sydney. The size of the wharves, the width of the gangways and the strategically placed lighting conform to take a large influx of passengers.

As a key link in the connection between the Barangaroo precinct, Wynyard Walk, Wynyard Station and the sea, the Ferry Wharf design was a collaboration between many stakeholders including the client, Lend Lease and the Barangaroo Development Authority.

The Ferry Wharf is expected to open to customers in early 2017. The Barangaroo Ferry Wharf will have facilities for customer safety and comfort at each wharf, including seating, lighting, passenger information display and weather protection.

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