Aurecon was involved in the design and engineering services for Pengerang Integrated Complex's Solid Products Jetty in Malaysia.


Solid Products Jetty, Johor, Malaysia

Engineering jetty for a rapidly growing petrochemical complex in Malaysia

  • Aurecon’s role: Design and engineering
  • Client: PETRONAS Refinery & Petrochemical Corporation
  • Project team: SYS-MCD (SPJ) Joint Venture (SMJV)

The country of Malaysia has begun an economic transformation program that will elevate its national status. The mega-project Pengerang Integrated Complex is south of the country’s capital, Johor, and is close to the international shipping lanes of the South China Sea, Malacca Strait and Singapore.

This high impact industrial zone will address the growing need for petroleum and commodity petrochemical products in the Asia Pacific region with a refinery, petrochemical complex, storage and logistics facilities. It will be the biggest petroleum and petrochemical hub in South East Asia.

One vital part of the 80 km2 site is the Solid Products Jetty (Package 12B) which has been designed and engineered by Aurecon.

Aurecon supported the contractor SYS-MCD (SPJ) Joint Venture (SMJV), with design and engineering of the civil and structural works, building architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing for the project.

The Solid Products Jetty package includes:

  • Sulphur loading berth and container berths connected to the shore via a 1.2 km bridge with three traffic lanes and a conveyor system
  • Onshore container yard and 280-metre long sulphur stockpile
  • Terminal operation and 3-storey administration building, workshop, substations, and other ancillary buildings
  • Topside and landside material handling system for sulphur with loaders and unloaders including all mechanical and electrical works

Responding to the challenge of a complex project

Demand on short notice

As a global organisation, Aurecon constructed a project team from international specialists within a short period of time to meet the contractor’s timeframe. Engineers from Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, and Australia mobilised to support SMJV’s mega-project, and had an ever-present focus on the end result that was required.

Disparate stakeholder requirements

Aurecon adopted a design-led philosophy throughout the project as there were many stakeholders involved with disparate views. By consulting with stakeholders in a formal and regular way, Aurecon was able to guide and assist its client in not only resolve any problems, but also identifying opportunities. For example, Aurecon identified a number of conflicting requirements in the end-client’s technical specifications which posed potential future operational and maintenance issues. Aurecon, jointly with SMJV, were then able to propose alternative solutions which were subsequently accepted by the end client.

Civil and structural design

Civil marine structures

  • 3D structural modelling and analysis produced a safe and economic design for instant identification and retrieval of forces in every structural element and the piled foundation
  • Modular and precast fabricated design reduced in-situ concrete construction for the main jetty platform. This increased the onsite work safety and helped to meet the short timeframe for the project.
  • Holistic driven pile analysis and design considered the ground risks and variabilities. Pile driving analysis and pile load tests were conducted at different time intervals to determine the final pile set up.  

Civil land and building structures

  • A safe, economical, and reliable design was possible as Aurecon’s geotechnical mapping streamlined the piled foundation and shallow foundation of each structure
  • A combination of structural steel and reinforced concrete was used to achieve the architectural intent of the two entry buildings, the gatehouse complex and administration operations building
  • Structural analysis using 3D visualisation gave the contractor an accurate sizing of each building’s structural elements to achieve the required visual appearance

Mechanical and electrical design

  • The medium voltage electrical system, via 33 kV intake and 11 kV reticulation network, was designed to provide safe, economical, and reliable design
  • Holistic approach and analysis integrated the electrical power protection, control, and monitor into the design
  • Electrical modelling software optimised the electrical network system used for power system distribution and protection coordination
  • Aurecon used the Autopipe Software to analyse stresses in the piping system due to thermal expansion and relative displacements caused by movement between jetty segments. The analysis ensured that the piping layout design incorporated adequate flexibility to reduce loads on pipe supports and equipment nozzles to acceptable limits.

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