Paradip Port, Western Dock, India

To cater for predicted traffic growth through the port, the Paradip Port Trust (PPT) has initiated an investigation into the feasibility of an additional dock. Located in the state of Orissa, it is one of India’s major ports, serving the eastern and central parts of the country. Currently comprising 14 berths, and with a further five in development, the port is expected to grow beyond current expansion plans.

PPT commissioned Aurecon to prepare a master plan and detailed project report for the development of the additional dock. This entailed a trade assessment of Western Dock for a 30-year period, a topographic survey, geotechnical investigation, development options, and master planning.

A non-conventional dock layout, eliminating the need for a second swinging basin, and 20-metre high stockpiles were recommended due to the tight land constraints. Part of PPT’s initial planning requirements, the additional swinging basin would have involved substantial cost and required land which could otherwise be used for stockpiling.

Dry excavation was suggested in place of dredging as it is a more cost-effective option and because it enables the reuse of excavated material.

Planning, design costing and financial feasibility was carried out for an iron ore export terminal, with a capacity of 30 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa), as well as a 25 Mtpa coal export terminal and a 20 Mtpa coal import terminal. Aurecon provided a dredging assessment and methodology, and a financial feasibility assessment and costing for the development of each terminal.

PPT has been provided with a master plan and detailed project report to ensure that the port’s growth predictions can be accommodated. With the ongoing increase in global demand for resources, the port and its controlling entity can be confident there are sufficient capital resources for any eventuality.

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