Pan-United Cement 40,000 tonne Cement Silo, Singapore

  • Increase cement storage capacity at Pulau Damar Laut despatch facility
  • Aurecon's role: design services
  • Client: Pan-United Cement

When Pan-United Cement decided to increase its cement storage capacity at its Pulau Damar Laut despatch facility, Aurecon was engaged to undertake the design. Aurecon had previously designed Pan-United’s existing 80 metre high dual cell 45,000 tonne silo which had been operating successfully since 2002.

A major challenge for Aurecon was fitting a silo of the required capacity on the small triangular shaped site. Property boundary clearance requirements limited the silo diameter to 25 m and height restrictions also applied on the site.

After extensive investigation, Aurecon determined it was not possible to achieve Pan-United’s capacity requirements while still providing for drive-through undercone truck-loading similar to that in the existing silo. Aurecon proposed an inverted cone silo with the cone located essentially at ground level with provision for truck loading beside the silo. The 14 metre diameter inner cell has a capacity in excess of 7,500 cubic metres while the annular outer cell has a capacity of approximately 17,000 cubic metres. The silo is therefore capable of storing around 40,000 tonnes of cement or 22,000 tonnes of ground slag and 12,000 tonnes of cement, depending on market requirements.

Pan-United Cement’s project manager, Mr Ling Chern Shen, said “With Singapore’s cement consumption expected to increase significantly over the next few years, the completion of Pan-United’s second large storage silo leaves it well positioned to capitalise on market growth.”

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