UIC Building, 5 Shenton Way, Singapore

A recipient of the BCA Green Mark Award (Gold Plus), the UIC Building at No. 5 Shenton Way is a high-density, mixed-use development designed in line with the Singapore Government’s initiative to promote a balanced work-life lifestyle in a green and sustainable environment.

Aurecon adopted passive design strategies at the early planning stage to coordinate various aspects of the building’s design to ensure that energy-saving targets are met when the building is completed and operational. 

The residential towers were designed efficiently in terms of thermal, visual and ventilation performances, with excellent glass selection and cool paints for the walls, ample daylighting and natural ventilation provision to habitable spaces. All the lifts use regenerative drives to conserve energy. Extensive greenery was introduced, ensuring that a Green Plot ratio of more than 6. 

As part of providing good indoor environmental quality, low VOC paints and environmentally-friendly adhesives were used. Refuse chutes were provided in naturally ventilated common areas at each residential level. An acoustic study will be conducted during the TOP period to confirm and comply with the ambient noise levels for the habitable spaces in the residential units.

Furthermore, to ensure that the building design intent is maintained and adhered to during operation, Aurecon implemented Green Lease agreement. All tenants are required to comply in order to increase energy and water efficiency and create a sustainable environment.

The UIC Building is a landmark in the Central Business District that comprises a 23-storey office tower and a 54-storey luxury residential tower with a 7-storey podium and 2 levels of basement.

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