TEDA Soccer Stadium, China

China’s magnificent Tianjin Technological Development Area (TEDA) Soccer Stadium is the centrepiece of the 100 million m2 commercial expansion of Tianjin’s bustling Economic-Technological Development Area.

Aurecon provided structural, civil and building services for the imposing 35,000 seat stadium, including a leading role in the design of the innovative cable stayed roof with its dramatically curved truss columns.

These iconic features are each approximately 50 m high and use high strength tension ties to support the 29 m roof span. The design utilises counterweights in the form of a precast concrete nosing at the leading edge to negate uplift wind pressures, enabling the forestays to remain as slender tension-only cables. The precast concrete nosing also forms a gutter which is sized to drain the roof with an internal fall to each end of the 125 m long structure.

The engineering for the TEDA Soccer Stadium project benefited from Aurecon’s considerable experience gained developing Melbourne's Hisense Arena and Etihad Stadium, along with the Melbourne Cricket Ground redevelopments.

Final documentation was completed in conjunction with the Tianjin Architecture and Consulting Engineers Design Institute, and Peddle Thorp Melbourne. The services and structural documentation accommodated regular below-zero winter temperatures and was developed to comply with Chinese codes and practices.

Opened on 15 May 2004, the TEDA Soccer Stadium is also used for concerts and public and cultural events.

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