Sydney Opera House Renewal, Australia

Digital visualisation tools used in the re-launch of an icon

Studio Magnified created a film to launch the renewal of the Sydney Opera House, combining live footage, user stories and representation of the proposed vision.

The renewal of Jorn Utzon’s masterpiece for the 21st century includes upgrades of technology and acoustics, opening up of new areas to the public, and improving accessibility for millions of visitors each year.

The film and accompanying still images wove computer generated imagery seamlessly together with live action filming and interviews, emphasising the building’s heritage, contemporary cultural significance and importance for future generations.

Studio Magnified combined stunning footage of the Opera House and its setting with representations of the proposed architecture, and animation describing the functioning of new spaces and technology.

To tell the story of the renewal, they formed a compelling narrative based on interviews conducted with project directors and creative performers.

This work was completed by Studio Magnified prior to joining Aurecon in March 2018.


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