Aurecon enables innovative design and structural engineering in one of the top five slimmest buildings in the world, the Soonthareeya Ratchadamri. Images courtesy of Areeya Property PLC & Palmer and Turner (Thailand).


Soonthareeya Ratchadamri, Thailand

Engineering one of the world’s slimmest buildings

  • Aurecon’s role: Structural, MEP, Façade, vertical transport engineering
  • Architect: Palmer and Turner (Thailand)
  • Client: Areeya Property PLC

Aurecon engineers’ bold design that maximises usable floor area for the new Soonthareeya Ratchadamri development. The building is currently under construction in the heart of the Thai capital.

With a proposed plot ratio of approximately 1:20, the spectacular Soonthareeya Ratchadamri development in downtown Bangkok will be one of the top five slimmest buildings in the world, when completed.

According to Sakorn Kruemai, Managing Director of Aurecon in Thailand, tall buildings must be aesthetically striking, cost-effective and quick to build.

Soonthareeya Ratchadamri will be a sleek new addition to the Bangkok skyline and its world-class design will benefit from smart and innovative engineering from Aurecon’s team. For this development, Aurecon applied unconventional engineering to bring the architect’s vision to life while adding more usable space for the developer, Areeya Property PLA.

Engaged by the client in 2017, Aurecon’s role on Soonthareeya Ratchadamri incorporates three elements: structural, MEP, facades and vertical transportation engineering design for the building.

Super-tall, Super-slim

The building’s sleek design and slim dimensions presented a major engineering challenge – to balance structural stability while maximising nett lettable area. Aurecon’s team proposed a new engineering design based on an exoskeleton to support the building’s main structural lateral forces.

Using this design removed the need for a central core and simultaneously increased the usable floor space by 20 per cent, while increasing the height of each floor to let in more natural light. Aurecon’s design also included an innovative proposal for dampers to act as shock absorbers, minimising the forces on the building’s slender design.

Digital wind

From the start, Aurecon used Revit 3D imaging software for BIM to help improve several structural design elements. This delivered significant savings in building materials and construction costs. In addition, a proprietary tool helped the team to “digitise wind” to assess how the building will perform under different wind loads, thereby reducing the number of time-consuming wind tunnel tests required.

These digital engineering tools have been important and useful co-designing platforms for the developer, architects, engineers, and builders. The intelligent functionality of the 3D model allows everyone to walkthrough the spaces virtually, refine designs and it will deliver more efficiencies as construction progresses.

Construction is expected to complete towards the end of 2023. When completed, Soonthareeya Ratchadamri will have a gross floor area of about 73,285 square metres, featuring a residential condominium, a sky pool, sky bar and mechanical carpark.

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