Redlands Coast Regional Sport and Recreation Precinct, Queensland, Australia


Redlands Coast Regional Sport and Recreation Precinct, Australia

State-of-the-art sports facilities and family recreation placemaking

A new precinct brings to life state-of-the-art sports facilities and family recreation placemaking.

Within Queensland’s bayside Redland City, a new precinct will emerge as a catalyst for community sport, health and well-being. The 101-hectare precinct will have 47-hectares dedicated to more than 15 playing fields, nearly three kilometres of cycling tracks, as well as BMX tracks, picnic and playground areas, vehicle parking and new sports club facilities.

Concept design of the extensive sporting and recreation precinct has been assigned to Aurecon, given its placemaking expertise and experience in designing precincts across Australia and New Zealand.

Human-centric design is central to the plan

Aurecon is bringing the original masterplan to life with a concept design that places people and sustainability at the heart of its intent. The areas within the precinct will reflect human-centric design, so the entire site can be adapted to suit the varied needs of the community and sports clubs.

The precinct responds to the local need for more sports facilities at a club level, along with Redland City Council’s focus on creating healthy communities through facilities for active living.

The human-centric design principles guiding the concept design include adaptability, accessibility, health and safety, sustainability, ecological preservation, and value for money.

With a focus on providing spaces and places for people, the local community, sports clubs, and other stakeholders have shared in the journey of the precinct’s design. Feedback and ideas are actively incorporated to inform the types of facilities and adventures to be found in the precinct.

Enhancing the natural features

Aurecon’s concept design celebrates the natural features of the precinct and enhances its appeal to visitors, while also minimising the resources necessary to develop the site. Sustainability is core to all decision making and the precinct will have a wide range of recreation spaces for users to experience bushland, wetlands, vegetation, and fauna.

A network of multi-use trails for walking, horse-riding and cycling will be contained within the 50-hectare conservation area, replanted with local and native species.

Reconstructed wetlands near the sporting fields will have both a functional purpose and aesthetic appeal. They will enhance the biodiversity value of the portions of the site they are located in, with protection for fish and amphibian species, while also capturing storm water runoff for irrigating grass sports fields.

Connectivity to and within the precinct

Quality access to, and circulation through, the precinct is critical. Aurecon’s concept design creates connectivity between different areas with cycle paths and footpaths to enhance the usability of the space.

As many users are likely to travel to the precinct by private vehicle or club bus, the surrounding road network will be upgraded. There will be provision for public parking, cycling facilities, bus pick up and set down, sports trailers and horse floats.

Access for users who walk or cycle to the area will be developed with a system of sealed paths, boardwalks and natural trail types across the site, and connecting into existing active transport networks.

On completion, the precinct will serve as a high-quality multisports facility that offers a range of activities for communities and visiting sports teams, where everyone can enjoy exploring this special corner of Queensland.

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