PwC Experience Centre, Singapore

A personalised journey of discovery and innovation, and the gateway between today and tomorrow. A space where creativity and emerging technology collide, to create PwC’s Centre.

While auditors and accountants are typically considered to be conservative, PwC South East Asia Consulting challenged this misconception with its Experience Centre in Singapore, taking a digital dive into the world of fast-paced technology, innovation, and disruption.

As PwC’s clients walk into the Experience Centre for the first time, they are immersed in a world of complexity and refraction, symbolising the digital disruption that surrounds them and their industry. Together with a team of highly creative designers, Aurecon helped PwC bring this futuristic experience to life.

Smart lighting and decor

Geometric tessellated mirrors are illuminated by integrated, colour-tuneable lighting, allowing PwC to change the colour palette to match each client’s corporate identity. This creates a highly bespoke, and memorable experience for its guests.

The lighting was designed to encompass the interior designer’s vision and add a whole new level of dynamism.

When entering the Centre, visitors pass through a mirror-faceted tunnel, illuminated by integrated “light sabres”. These strips of light changes colour across theRed-Green-Blue-White (RGBW) spectrum.

The front-of-house space is lit using customised tubular lighting with tuneable white LED luminaires, some fitted with RGBW LED strips to add bursts of colour.

All lighting is equipped with DALI-dimmable drivers for future proofing to adopt a Bluetooth Mesh lighting control system. At completion, the lighting control system is a Lutron Quantum Vue with space utilisation analytics.

Aurecon’s lighting design expertise played a crucial role in bringing the interior designer’s vision to life. The use of smart lighting not only ensures that the design stays true to the Centre’s design intent, but also promises sustainability and easy maintenance for many years ahead.

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