Nelson Technical Hangar No. 1, New Zealand

Award-winning roof structure for aircraft hangar

Air New Zealand required a new hangar facility to enable the necessary maintenance services that Air Nelson provides to the national carrier‘s fleet of Q300 aircraft. Stringent requirements included that it had to meet exact size requirements, and be delivered both within budget and within a tight timeframe.

In order to meet these requirements, Aurecon proposed a concept scheme of a 68m door head truss supporting 60m welded beams spanning the full depth of the hangar. The roof structure was built on the ground with all cladding, insulation, lighting, heaters, and cabling fitted at ground level.

Following construction of the roof structure on the ground, the roof was jacked up onto concrete columns and the wall cladding finished. A joint free post tensioned floor was then poured inside the closed in hangar.

Aurecon’s solution ensured a shorter construction period and allowed for cost savings in steel and carnage due to the simple fabrication.

After successfully achieving its requirements, the Nelson Technical Hangar No.1 has received a number of awards.

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