Mater Private Hospital Springfield, Australia

Aurecon project managed state-of-the-art, AU$84 million Mater Private Hospital Springfield

Springfield Land Corporation’s (SLC) first health partner, Mater, engaged Aurecon to manage the creation of the state-of-the-art, AU$84 million Mater Private Hospital Springfield. This includes Mater Cancer Care Centre Springfield which was built with $21.4 million dollars of Australian Government Funding, in partnership with Radiation Oncology Centres.

In September 2015, under Aurecon’s project management, stage 1 was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. The 84-bed facility is a leading example of cost-effective, privately operated health care – with an average construction cost of $750,000 per bed, well below the industry average. This new facility sets leading benchmarks for design, cost-effective infrastructure and use of technology. Feedback from patients and staff has been positive, and Mater commended Aurecon for its project management capabilities. Ultimately, full development of the Mater Private Hospital Springfield campus could encompass circa 1 200 hospital beds.

Aurecon has also been engaged by SLC and Mater to fulfil a range of roles for Health City, and is now supporting SLC in the development of the balance of Health City, which is well on its way to becoming a world-leading health and wellness community.

Mater Private Hospital Springfield was the winner of the 2016 Australian Engineering Excellence Award (Queensland Division) for Project Management.

About Health City

Health City is an innovative health and wellness development that sits inside Greater Springfield, Australia’s largest privately master-planned community, with over 30 000 residents (predicted to grow to 150 000). Conceived and established by master developer Springfield Land Corporation (SLC), Greater Springfield has been planned to provide a high level of amenity in education, information technology and health for its residents.

The 52-hectare, greenfield development of Health City presents an outstanding opportunity to provide the community with access to high quality, integrated health services across the health and wellness continuum. With its predicted workforce of circa 20 000 people, Health City will make a major contribution to the Queensland and Australian economies, and has the potential to be an incubator of innovation in healthcare that is meaningful on a world stage.

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