Khartoum Place Stage II, Auckland, New Zealand

Innovative lighting design by Aurecon transforms crime ridden inner city urban area into an elegant and safe pedestrian route.

Auckland City’s vision to become one of the world’s most liveable cities is fuelling the revitalisation of inner city urban spaces. Khartoum Place has long been considered an important yet high risk and unsafe pedestrian route linking the University of Auckland, the Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tamaki and Albert Park to Queen Street and the commercial heart of the city.

The urban space was frequently home to unwanted activities that are easily attracted to public spaces with poor lighting and concealed alcoves. Aurecon was tasked with the challenge of lighting the area so that the connection between the different areas is unobtrusive, engaging and safe.

Designing an innovative lighting system

To achieve this, the Aurecon team designed a lighting system with a cylindrical field of view a new approach for exterior spaces where a double layer of light levels are overlaid for both horizontal and vertical illuminance. This method eliminates shadowing from pedestrian users making it clear for facial recognition from a distance of 10 to 15 meters away.

The post top lanterns were capped with a reflective hood as a secondary reflector to distribute glare free indirect light and restrict any wasted light into the environment; spotlights were used to address the shadowing of people moving through the plaza and light-emitting diode (LED) inserts were incorporated into the stair handrails. The outcome is a well-lit architectural public space which the community can be proud of.

The project is proven successful with encouraging feedback received from Auckland Council and daily commuters commenting how safe the route is now, connecting to the inner city.

Award winning lighting space

Aurecon was awarded a Highly Commended Dark Sky Award from the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand, a prestigious award judged on adverse environmental effects and crime prevention through environmental design and a Commended from Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand for its innovation to the public safety of pedestrians and creating a public asset in line with future smart cities.

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