HOTA Gallery, the cultural evolution of Australia’s Gold Coast.


HOTA Gallery, Gold Coast, Australia

The cultural evolution of Australia’s Gold Coast

Over the years, the Gold Coast’s civic, artistic and cultural precinct at Evandale in South East Queensland has grown significantly with the needs of the community. Born out of the passionate desire of the citizens to celebrate and enable participation in the Gold Coast’s arts and cultural activities, the precinct has developed into the regional arts destination.

Taking on a new identity and name – HOTA, Home of the Arts – the 17-hectare site is spreading its wings and has expanded to be an Australian cultural destination on a grand scale.

One of the major creations is the new HOTA Gallery, playing host to the city’s art collection and touring exhibitions.

Aurecon, drawing on its experience of helping to create some of Australia’s iconic cultural infrastructure, has designed the building services systems for the new gallery including:

  • Electrical and lighting (back-of-house)
  • Hydraulics
  • Communications
  • Electronic security and CCTV
  • Public address and audio visual

The design of the building services systems was achieved by:

  • Working closely with the City of Gold Coast to ensure that the new gallery has synergy with the city’s cultural expression
  • Understanding the gallery precedents to work within the size of each functional area
  • Assessing the systems used in galleries in other major cities
  • Integrating new gallery systems with the existing buildings, developments and operational functionality within HOTA
  • Articulating the building services for each area that are fit-for-purpose to the building
  • Optimising building services performance standards, design criteria and standards to ensure a AAA gallery rating was achieved

Aurecon’s approach blended the building services systems with the building form to achieve a balance between functional and programming requirements. As HOTA and its gallery are situated between the beach and the hinterland, the form of the building reflects the connection with the environment and the visual arts it contains.

The Gallery creates the opportunity to effectively and securely present exhibitions of an international scale and content, as well as the best in local contemporary Australian art and design. It is a defining characteristic at HOTA and a must-see destination for residents and visitors.

Design of the building systems for the gallery began in 2018 and was completed in 2020. Aurecon is proud to have been a part of the team to expand HOTA and contribute to the cultural evolution of the Gold Coast.

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