Grand Marina Saigon, Vietnam


Grand Marina, Saigon, Vietnam

Engineering luxury residential apartments in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City

  • Aurecon role: Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, façade, lighting, acoustics, civil and structural engineering
  • Client: Masterise Homes
  • Architect: Atkins

The 25-hectare Grand Marina, Saigon development, comprising seven 36 to 50 storey-high residential towers will be built in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1, the heart of the central business district. Developed by Masterise Homes in Vietnam, the Grand Marina, Saigon will the world’s largest Marriott Branded Residences.

Nestled in a prime location between the Saigon River and the Botanical and Zoological Gardens, these ultra-luxurious apartments will boast beautiful views of the city and the riverfront. Its services and amenities will be provided by leading hotelier, Marriott International.

Aurecon is one of Masterise Homes’ partners in this world-class development, providing multi-disciplinary engineering services that will encompass civil, structural, façade, lighting, acoustics, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. The biggest challenge for the project team is to simultaneously design and construct all towers within a condensed timeline, bringing this large-scale complex to life.

Innovative construction methodology

To speed up construction, Aurecon recommended a full top-down construction method, which is rarely used in Vietnam due to its engineering complexity. This method involves constructing the below-ground and the above-ground superstructure simultaneously.

A lot of consideration was given to the safe and efficient sequencing to ensure that the basements can support the superstructure. Particular attention was paid to how the transfer beams are constructed. Critical elements such as the deep transfer beams that are supporting many floors were designed with inherent redundancy to prevent against accidental load combinations.

Sustainability and efficiency elements

Aurecon designed a central water-cooled air conditioning system that has high operating efficiency and low energy use. Its design also has a less visually intrusive impact to the buildings’ facades.

Fan coil units serving each apartment are connected to the central air-cooled chilled water generation and distribution system. This type of mechanical ventilation distribution system can be designed and installed to suit any building height or configuration.

Focus on fire and life safety

At Aurecon, safety is always a priority – safety-in-design principles have been incorporated into engineering this development. Emergency and standby systems will provide backup power for building systems to provide assurance that fire and life safety systems and other critical equipment can maintain their operation during a power outage.

The separate generators are designed to maintain critical power supply during simultaneous impairment of the normal and emergency systems. An automatic transfer switch will trigger the generator when a power failure is detected in the main switchboard.

Finally, all towers have building maintenance units on the roof to allow safe access for window washers during maintenance.

The Grand Marina, Saigon development brings about the urban renewal of Ho Chi Minh City’s historic area, transforming it into a high-end living, leisure and entertainment destination that has good transportation connectivity and close proximity to education and healthcare facilities.

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