Global Switch, Australia

The Global Switch Sydney West data-centre provides 30 000m2 of Tier 3 white space for hosting services. Utilising 11kV diesel rotary UPS units and 6.6kV chilled water cooling systems, this facility provides high levels of resiliency and redundancy to tenants.

Following repeat engagements by Global Switch, Aurecon was engaged to develop designs for a Tier 3+ facility adjacent to Sydney West. The new Sydney East facility provides high density white space for premium clients. 

Aurecon developed initial concepts to a 70% design for completion by a D&C Contractor. The  facility exceeds Sydney West in terms of maintainability, reliability and efficiency.

Aurecon developed a green datacentre, that utilises low loss high efficiency power systems and an innovative water side free cooling solution to reduce energy consumption and increase asset utilisation. 

Global Switch are targeting a LEED Gold rating with the design to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

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