Eureka Tower, Melbourne, Australia

One of the world’s tallest residential buildings

Eureka Tower rises 300 metres and 88 storeys above Melbourne city, making it one of the world’s tallest residential buildings.

Sway was a key design issue as the building was designed for residential use. The central lift core is the main stabilising element, as well as an outrigger shear wall system that links the outer tube of the building to the central core.

The outer tube comprises edge beams and incorporates two ‘mega columns’, both of which have been utilised as a bold element on the facade.

Wind tunnel testing was also widely used on the project to check the building’s performance under lateral loads. An innovative roof top tuned mass damper controls the tower sway movements to acceptable limits.

To investigate the sway at high wind speeds, a scale model of the design was subjected to a once-in-50 year (190 kilometres per hour) gale in the Monash University wind tunnel.

Eureka Tower was completed in October 2006.

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