Crowne Plaza Hotel Exterior Facade, Singapore

Designed and built in only 17 months, Aurecon was engaged to advise on the design of the Crowne Plaza Hotel’s façade

  • Designed and built in only 17 months, this facade design helps to reduce solar radiation and excessive heat
  • Aurecon's role: facade engineering services
  • Client: Lum Chang Development

The façade screen, set against the Changi Airport terminal buildings, was conceptualised as three-dimensional lace screens resembling orchid petals that could provide shade and texture for hotel rooms and public spaces.

Designed to provide a sense of peace and tranquillity for travellers, and to meet shade requirements, the material selection was key to achieving this outcome. The lightweight screen concept required Aurecon to undertake accelerated testing of possible facade materials to verify weathering and compatibility with interfacing materials. Ultimately, a polymer modified glass fibre reinforced gypsum compound was used to create the petals, with screed elements sculpted from visual and CAD animations of scaled samples. The modular units of screen petals were factory assembled into full floor height partitions to allow for fast on-site installation.

The resulting building ‘floats’ on a filigree floral cage that filters and softens the surroundings, providing 60 per cent shading for the building.

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