Aurecon Centre, Australia

Developers Lend Lease initiated the construction of a new building at 850 Collins Street, Docklands, which Aurecon selected as a base for its Melbourne based staff. A crucial element of the brief was to include features that would be important to tenants, without adding cost to the bottom line. It was Aurecon’s role to balance the right mix of technologies to achieve the desired outcomes.

Collaboration was paramount to the success of the project. Aurecon's mechanical, electrical and structural teams worked together with Lend Lease from concept to completion to achieve a shared vision and provide the best outcomes for the project.

To increase the building’s value for the owner and its appeal for tenants, we found ways to locate the columns as far away from the façade as possible. This maximised views from desks and natural light.

Aurecon’s requirement for an open stair through five floors of the building introduced issues, including the potential for fire to spread between floors and for smoke to block safe escape routes. Our fire engineering team, together with our mechanical and structural teams, developed a solution that takes advantage of the existing under-floor air conditioning system to extract and contain smoke. This avoided the cost and time required to install extra mechanical systems.

To minimise the plant room requirements on the top floor and free up half a floor of prime office space, Aurecon suggested moving some elements out of the plant room to alternate locations such as the building core and roof, ultimately adding 1 100 square metres back into the building yield.

By applying practical, smart solutions that are easy to use, we were able to significantly enhance the value of the Aurecon Centre for the building owner.

“Across all disciplines Aurecon was very flexible and also proactive in their problem solving. They helped us build [the Aurecon Centre] in a quicker time frame and get the best result for the project,” said Martin Hills, Project Manager, Lend Lease Project Management and Construction.


Watch videos on how Aurecon's smart, practical solutions maximised return on investment and our collaborative approach which achieved a smooth transition between construction stages.

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