Anderson Road Quarry rehabilitation, Hong Kong

Transforming historical quarry to residential land use in Hong Kong

Engineering and infrastructure advisory company Aurecon is playing a key role in transforming the Anderson Road Quarry (ARQ) site into a multi-purpose land tract for public and private housing, to further enhance the development of Hong Kong.

Since the 1950s, the ARQ has played a significant role in Hong Kong’s construction industry by supplying stone, asphalt aggregate and concrete. Following the completion of its historical function, the ARQ site is ready for a new mission: to help solve the housing shortage in the area by becoming a site for future residential, commercial and community developments.

Cost savings and award-winning design

Commissioned by the main contractor Chun Wo-STEC-Vasteam Joint Venture, Aurecon is providing structural, tunnelling and geotechnical design services for the project, which includes three kilometres of vehicular roads, a floating bridge at the artificial attenuation lake, retaining walls, an underground stormwater retention tank and a 130-metre road underpass at the southern end of the quarry site.

"We were chosen by the main contractor because we have a proven history of providing cost-saving designs that maintain the integrity and quality of original designs but with savings in both construction time and cost as well as enhanced safety. Our team's proactive and collaborative approach ensures we work seamlessly with the contractor’s project team," said Aurecon Project Director Eric Lo.

“This was recently recognised by the Construction Industry Council when the project received the Merit Award at the 2017 Temporary Works Excellence Awards.”

“The project was also Highly Commended by the International Design for Safety Award 2018 from The Lighthouse Club.”

Aside from these, the project was also a finalist at the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association International Tunnelling Awards 2018 for the Safety initiative of the year category.

The ARQ project will provide approximately 12 hectares of land for the development of about 9 400 private and subsidised housing flats for a planned population of 25 000.

"We are proud to play a key role in rehabilitating the ARQ and transforming it into a vibrant urban development that improves the lives of the local residents," said Aurecon Project Leader Derek Cheung.

The project commenced at the end of 2016 and is scheduled for completion in 2022.

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