Al Merief Masterplan, United Arab Emirates

Al Merief comprises a residential development of 60 hectares located in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. The distinctive Emirati community combines Emirati traditions with modern amenities such as mosques, a school, retail outlets and a club house. The area has 283 land plots that consist of family owned villas, sheltered gardens and beautifully designed lawns.

In 2014, Aurecon was appointed by Broadway Malyan Architects (BMA) to provide the infrastructure and transport scope of services for the development of the conceptual and detailed masterplan for Aldar, the developers of Al Merief.

This complex, multi-disciplinary masterplan required the collaboration of various stakeholders including local authorities, the developer, urban planners, transport planners, infrastructure specialists and engineers. In order to ensure that all the stakeholders’ goals were met, Aurecon engaged all the stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the project.

The challenging part of the process was the dependence of the engineering solutions of the development on a neighbouring masterplan, completed by a third party, with a project programme that was lagging behind the Al Merief programme.

The result is a modern, up-and-coming neighbourhood that adds value to the lives of its residents. People are able to move freely and safely between the community’s mosques, school and retail centre and the walkways link residents to the public spaces of Al Merief. Residents have a close sense of community with one another and it is an exemplary Emirati neighbourhood.

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