Advanced Engineering Building, The University of Queensland, Australia

The University of Queensland’s new Advanced Engineering Building will provide an impressive range of facilities for engineering teaching and materials, manufacturing and civil engineering research. It will incorporate multi-purpose, active learning spaces where lectures are integrated with practical laboratory investigations.

Aurecon was commissioned to carry out structural, civil, traffic, façade, electrical and dry fire engineering on the project.

We have worked closely with the university’s instrumentation specialists to develop innovative systems that measure building dynamics, including the deflection of long-span beams and cantilevers, axial shortening of heavily loaded columns, dynamic response of selected elements in the building, energy usage and ground water level fluctuations.

Construction of the super-structure is largely completed, including an 800-millimetre (mm) strong floor in the new structures laboratory, and underground tanks for the hydraulics laboratory.

The ongoing building program will incorporate a timber façade and auditorium roof, an 800-mm thick reaction wall in the structures laboratory, and a design studio with a striking feature structure that cantilevers ten metres over a lake.

Aurecon has also designed renewable energy elements, including a 100 kW solar Photovoltaic system, to reduce the building’s carbon footprint.

The new facility will transform engineering education by integrating all aspects of research, postgraduate training and undergraduate education.

The building monitoring system will provide a valuable learning tool that allows students to compare real-time data with theoretical calculations.

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