Winstone Pulp International Refiner Heat Recovery, New Zealand

Aurecon provided detailed engineering design work and managed the installation of the heat recovery system for our client, Energy for Industry (EFI), at the Winstone Pulp International (WPI) Karioi Pulp Mill site. EFI implemented the project in a BOOT (build, own, operate, and transfer) contract arrangement with WPI, Karioi. The project involved heat recovery from dirty steam flows generated by wood pulp refiners.

The aim of the refiner heat recovery project was to preheat air for the flash drying of thermo mechanical pulp using waste heat in dirty refiner steams that are historically vented into the atmosphere.

The heat recovery project provides substantial annual savings from reductions in the amounts of LPG and imported biomass burnt to heat air for flash drying.

The project recovers approximately 4.4 MW of thermal energy 24 hours per day for more than 320 days per year. It also reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the site by an estimated 6,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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