Kaset Phol Sugar Mills Upgrade, Thailand

Upgrading of Kaset Phol Sugar refinery in Thailand to increase the production of high-quality sugar

  • Expansion of sugar refinery to triple production
  • Aurecon’s role: Owner’s engineer and site supervision
  • Client: Kaset Phol Sugar Co. Ltd

The world sugar market is expected to maintain steady growth averaging two per cent per year and Asia is one of the biggest markets, accounting for nearly 40 per cent of world demand. However, the only sugar-producing countries capable of supplying markets reliably are Brazil, Thailand and Australia. As a major sugar producer, Thailand's sugar business is gaining greater competitiveness because of its proximity to markets where sugar is in high demand.

Kaset Phol Sugar Co. Ltd, a Thailand-based sugar manufacturing company, embarked on the expansion of its sugar refinery and warehouse in north-east Thailand to triple its annual sugar production to 300 000 tonnes and keep up with the region’s demand.

In July 2018, Aurecon was engaged as the owner’s engineer to review the engineering design and construction works of the main site contractor. This included design reviews of the contractor’s civil, structural, architectural and building services works to ensure the structural integrity of buildings, installation of equipment, and quality of construction documentation.

Aurecon’s role also included on-site supervision throughout construction.

Increasing production capacity

The project called for an expansion of the 178-hectare sugar refinery and processing facilities, which was a complex network of buildings and infrastructure, including:

  • Mill house
  • Evaporator house
  • Boiler house
  • Administration and engineering building
  • Spare parts, chemical and salt storage
  • Raw sugar silos
  • Products warehouse
  • Roads and drainage
  • Cane yard and reclaim yard
  • Bagasse silo
  • Access ways and weighbridges
  • Truck tippers

Smooth production integration

The role of owner’s engineer was to ensure integrated production, the extent of the new and upgraded facilities and infrastructure called for exceptional engineering, considering the integration of all the parts of the sugar refining process, and extensive collaboration with project stakeholders.

To accomplish these objectives, Aurecon engaged with Kaset Phol Sugar, the contractor and other site consultants, to provide key documentation and design reviews and site supervision.

Design and construction issues were handled in a timely manner to keep the process on track. Earthwork, piling, concrete, site set-out and survey inspections were performed to confirm accuracy to the construction drawings. Checks were regularly undertaken to verify that all work tests were carried out appropriately.

Reviews were performed on material samples, shop drawings and plant and equipment specifications to ensure they met design and safety standards. Construction progress was monitored against schedules and inspections were undertaken for all mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation works.

The outcome is a facility that integrates production to supply high-quality sugar directly to the refinery’s customers in response to the growing demand for sugar across Asia. With an expanded facility, Kaset Phol Sugar can strengthen its business and ensure its ability to meet international production demand for sugar in the future.

Aurecon is proud to have played a role in bringing this mega manufacturing facility to live, thus boosting Thailand’s production of high-quality sugar to meet growing global demand.

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