Lei Yue Mun Temporary Quarantine Village, Hong Kong


Lei Yue Mun Temporary Quarantine Village, Hong Kong

Aurecon provided fast track engineering design services for the construction of Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village Temporary Quarantine Village.

  • Existing holiday campsite is transformed to a temporary quarantine village within seven days
  • Aurecon’s role: site formation services, including: road widening, utility and slope works design
  • Client: China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd

At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in February 2020, the Hong Kong Government implemented a compulsory 14-day quarantine for individuals who have had close contact with confirmed coronavirus patients, and to those who enter Hong Kong from overseas countries.

Empty public housing, hotels and other compatible facilities were modified to quarantine potentially high-risk patients. However, these buildings were soon overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the quarantined population. This spurred the need for a new quarantine village.

The first quarantine village that is transformed from existing facilities in Hong Kong was the Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village (The Village). The construction work for this project was awarded to China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd. (CSCE). Aurecon Hong Kong was commissioned by CSCE to provide site formation design services including road widening and improvement, utility and slope works design.

There are two sites – A and B with only one access road connecting both sites. For site B, it was originally a football pitch. It was transformed to house 234 quarantine units using MiC construction method by CSCE. The only access road had to be modified from a steep footpath to one that can meet the emergency evacuation access (EVA) requirements for the delivery of equipment and all necessities to Site B.

A temporary quarantine village – designed and built in seven days

Due to the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Government urgently needed The Village to be ready as a quarantine facility to help cope with the increasing cases.

To help the Government achieve this need, Aurecon completed the design and produced the design package (including the design report and drawings) within two days. To ensure quality and that the design were safe and has the ability to meet the load capacity, a subject matter expert from Aurecon Australia was engaged to conduct a technical review.

Subsequently, approvals from an independent checking engineer (ICE) and relevant government departments were given in another two days. To further speed up the project delivery, construction work took place concurrently with the design approval processes. The entire transformation work for this critical road was completed within seven days.

Committed to project excellence

To ensure a successful and prompt delivery of the project, there was strong engagement and close coordination between between Aurecon, the client, ICE and the relevant government departments.

The Aurecon project team also utilised various technology platforms to communicate, exchange documents and drawings with China State and the Hong Kong Government. Ad-hoc meetings with all parties in the Hong Kong Government office were held whenever necessary to ensure that issues and challenges were discussed promptly and turnaround was accurate and quick.

With the strong commitment from all parties from the project’s commencement to its completion, the project was delivered successfully in February 2020.

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