Translational Research Institute (TRI), Australia

Aurecon provided structural, façade, electrical, information and communications technology and dry fire engineering services for Translational Research Institute (TRI), located on the Princess Alexandra Hospital campus in Brisbane, Australia.

An Australian first, TRI is a world-leading institute in the discovery of new treatments for common and serious diseases and illnesses. As one of the southern hemisphere's largest facilities of its kind, TRI is one of only a few places worldwide where new biopharmaceuticals and treatments can be discovered, manufactured and tested in one location.

The building houses 650 researchers and includes physical containment level 2 (PC 2) and 3 (PC 3) laboratories, vivarium, clean rooms, a cell therapies facility, staff support spaces, large auditorium and state-of-the art education facilities. The associated and adjacent biopharmaceuticals facility houses a pilot drug manufacturing facility to bring discoveries to pilot commercialisation.

The outstanding lighting solutions were recognised by the Illuminating Engineering Society in 2013 with their top award.

Technical Director, Jared Lillywhite says, “The lighting adds a new dimension to the architectural motif and further enhances occupant satisfaction. Similarly the rooftop photovoltaic system is architecturally expressed, visually demonstrating the client’s commitment to sustainability.

The success of this project was a function of a highly motivated engineering team working intimately with the architect and the diverse stakeholder group. By truly understanding the user’s needs, the design team could realise true innovation and deliver a state-of-the-art research facility. 

The unity that is formed between the built environment, user function and user experience is unprecedented. The building demonstrates world’s best practice, and represents a career highlight for everyone involved.”

The electrical and ICT component of the project included a significant Tier 2.5 tertiary data centre, F/UTP Category 6A structured cabling infrastructure, two in-building 11kV/415V substations, 3.2MW of 11kV standby generation, 70kW of photovoltaics and intelligent energy management for improved efficiency.

TRI is a joint venture involving the University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Queensland Health, and Mater Research, made possible via funding from the Queensland and Commonwealth Government, The Atlantic Philanthropies, QUT and UQ.

TRI won the Excellence Award for Building Services at the Engineers Australia (Queensland Division) Excellence Awards 2013.

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