Building the Education Revolution, Illawarra Region, Australia

Building the Education Revolution (BER) is an initiative of the Australian government to improve the quality of facilities in Australian schools and support jobs in the construction industry.

The New South Wales Department of Education (DET) awarded the Illawarra Region works package, including 185 government primary schools, to Richard Crookes Constructions and Aurecon. Aurecon was tasked with providing project management services during the planning and delivery phases of the project.

The works package consisted of 235 projects located over a geographical area of approximately 30 000 km2. The logistics of such a project were challenging for all team members involved and unique processes and procedures had to be developed. Detailed planning and monitoring of activities and resources was undertaken in order to achieve the ambitious DET defined deadlines.

To meet the project’s environmental sustainability objectives, various initiatives were implemented including: stormwater capture and reuse; photovoltaic cells; passive heating and cooling achieved through correct solar orientation, effective insulation and appropriate ventilation such as turbo vents; and flued gas heating.

Aurecon’s cost management resulted in all of the school projects being completed within budget.

The project delivered new or refurbished educational facilities to every regional, government primary school in the area. Classrooms and libraries were constructed with interactive learning equipment. New technology was provided, including up to date communications and IT equipment and server racks. Provision for future upgrades was allowed for in the building and in-ground services to allow for cost-effective upgrades in IT, communications and power.

The lasting outcomes from this project will continue to benefit the local communities for many generations.

Aurecon has received a Project Management Achievement Award from the Australian Institute of Project Management’s ACT Chapter for its role in the project.

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