Big Battery Project in Victoria


Victorian Big Battery, Australia

Aurecon contributes to Neoen’s Victorian Big Battery to maintain grid stability as renewables increase

  • Aurecon’s role: Technical advisory, Owner’s Engineer, project registration
  • Client: Neoen Australia
  • Project team: Tesla, UGL Limited, AusNet

The integration of future energy systems is accelerating rapidly within the Australian energy landscape.

This includes Neoen’s Victorian Big Battery, one of the world’s largest lithium-ion batteries, modernising the state’s electricity grid, supporting renewable energy generation, and assisting to manage reliability of the power supply in the face of increasingly hot summers and a decarbonised Australian energy generation pathway.

Aurecon provided strategic and technical advisory services to renewable energy company Neoen to deliver the Victorian Big Battery alongside the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), Tesla, UGL Limited, and AusNet.

The battery has a power capacity of 300 megawatts and a storage capacity of 450 megawatt-hours.

Showcasing a robust grid for the future

The Victorian Big Battery will provide highly innovative services to the grid, which are critical to achieving the state government’s plan to accelerate decarbonisation.

To deliver this world-leading battery storage facility, Aurecon provided technical concept design and advisory services, as well as developing documentation for the construction tender and fulfilling the role of Owner’s Engineer for Neoen during the battery’s construction.

In addition, Aurecon completed the generator performance standard studies and negotiations for Neoen to receive approval from AEMO to connect the battery to the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Electricity system protection

The Victorian Big Battery will deliver up to 250 megawatts of electricity supply in the event of unforeseen power line failure or generator outage over the next decade of Australian summers.

This is referred to as the System Integrity Protection Scheme, the specialised transmission system contract between AEMO and Neoen designed to maintain system security.

Valuable because of its flexibility to provide energy storage, the battery can respond faster than other energy storage or generation technologies, while continuing to maintain electricity grid stability by dispatching the power needed by the grid within fractions of a second.

Multiple services provided by the asset

The battery can also help to continue to maintain the reliability of the grid during unforeseen events by providing frequency control services. Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) is a system in the National Electricity Market (NEM) that manages unforeseen imbalances in electricity supply and demand and helps maintain the power system at the right frequency, namely 50Hz.

As the battery trades on the National Electricity Market (NEM), its capacity is also used to store energy from the grid when demand is low and to dispatch it when demand is high.

Supporting the integration of future renewables

Innovative practices and testing of emerging technologies are becoming more prevalent within Australia’s energy sector as it addresses the energy trilemma of energy affordability and access, grid security and reliability, and sustainability of the grid and the environment.

Batteries are expected to be a core component in the transition to integrate more renewable energy generation into the electricity grid and achieve decarbonisation targets.

This project is yet another large-scale battery storage system to reach commercial operation that Aurecon has contributed its services to, including a previous engagement with the South Australian Government from the outset of Hornsdale Power Reserve.

The Victorian Big Battery will support the future of energy security for Victoria for decades to come with a secure and modern energy storage system. Aurecon is proud to be supporting the revolutionary vision for the Victorian Big Battery for Neoen from project concept through to delivery. Congratulations to each company and individual for their contribution to one of the world’s biggest batteries, leading the way in providing support services at scale to the grid.

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