SA Water Zero Cost Energy Future, Australia

Aurecon is helping our South Australian Government client SA Water achieve its goal of having a zero cost energy future, neutralising one of its largest operating expenses.

South Australia's largest provider of water and sewerage services is leading the way by increasing its renewable energy generation and storage, driving energy efficiencies and making smart decisions around its electricity usage and procurement. These investments will help deliver low and stable prices for its customers.

Aurecon is advising on the installation of approximately 242 gigawatt hours of solar photo-voltaic generation and 16 megawatts of battery power. The batteries have two hours of associated storage and an approximate total of 34 MWh of storage. Distributing generation and storage capacity across several individual sites across the state will reduce the utility’s electricity operating costs and deliver new revenue.

This project takes a variable operating cost and makes it a capital item – taking volatility and variability out of customers’ bills and creating an asset that can operate for the long-term.

Collaborating to design a sustainable energy future

During 2018/19 SA Water consumed more than 500 gigawatt hours to power the treatment and transportation of drinking water and sewage.

Often, water utilities manage costs by pumping water when the price of electricity is low and not pumping when the price is high. However, this can often present supply and water security issues.

In 2017, Aurecon began scoping SA Water’s plan to install solar and energy storage solutions at its major pumping stations. Looking at its energy use data we were able help SA Water prioritise and demonstrate where innovations and savings could be made.

Aurecon advised SA Water on the technical specifications of the project, dedicating a team of specialists to complete a four week “sprint phase” that would normally take three months, helping to fast track the project.

We are currently involved in multiple different roles on the project, including acting as the owner’s engineer advising on the construction and contracts phase of the project as well as on-site monitoring.

We are also coordinating Network Service Provider grid connections by providing sophisticated digital modelling and liaising with the networks to ensure that what is built will be connected safely, securely and robustly.

Aurecon is at the forefront of developing a range of solutions for the energy sector across generation, storage, transmission and distribution, and overall system design, focused on improving outcomes for consumers in terms of affordability, reliability and sustainability. 

Aurecon was also appointed by the South Australian Government as its specialist technical adviser for the implementation of its Energy Plan in 2017 advising on the world’s biggest battery.

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