Lal Lal Wind Farms, Victoria, Australia

Harness renewable energy in a clean, safe and cost-efficient way

  • Victorian wind farm supplying renewable energy to some of Australia's largest private packaging companies
  • Aurecon’s role: Owner's Engineer
  • Client: Lal Lal Wind Farms Nom Co Pty Ltd

Wind power is a plentiful, efficient and clean fuel source and in Australia, wind farms are being installed to supply renewable energy to the country’s electricity grid and major energy users.

Aurecon was engaged as the Owner's Engineer on the Lal Lal Wind Farms Project, incorporating two sites that are nine-kilometres apart. There are 38 turbines near Yendon and a further 22 turbines north of Elaine.

As Owners Engineer, Aurecon provided engineering support for the design and construction, facilitating successful delivery for the infrastructure that has a generating lifetime of 30 years.

Part of the massive Victorian wind farm will supply wind-generated renewable energy directly to some of Australia’s largest private packaging companies and will also send power to the national electricity grid.

Monitoring design and construction for Lal Lal Wind Farms

The combined site of Yendon and Elaine wind farms is one of the largest in the state of Victoria, and has a generating capacity of approximately 144MW, delivering 450GWh pa, which is enough to power approximately 62 000 homes every year. The project is estimated to save 510 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

Aurecon's role was to monitor design and construction to ensure quality installation that was on time and on budget. With its on-site representative role, Aurecon maintained a daily prestart attendance with onsite leadership safety walk participation, hazard reviews, quality surveillance and regular impromptu work site inspections. A project risk register and site safety audit was developed and maintained. 

Following safety in design

Safety in design assessments were undertaken for the transport and delivery of more than 340 turbine components. The night-time deliveries were safely executed from ship to port via 100-kilometres of local roads and townships after a process of safety reviews, pre-transport road assessments and safety escorts. 

Managing the transport and installation of the pieces of critical infrastructure of this size was a significant exercise in logistics, requiring careful planning and co-ordination with multiple agencies and stakeholders. 

More than 100 contractors worked cohesively to construct the hub tower, 66kV substation and 38 Vestas V136 turbines, with a height to the blade tip of 161 metres.

The capture and management of site information was an important part of wind farm’s construction. Aurecon used its Field Force data capture app as a platform to quickly and accurately capture site inspection and construction progress information with automated digital reporting. The data was able to be viewed by project leaders as a visual daily dashboard from their computers. 

The Yendon Wind Farm is harnessing power from the wind in a clean, safe and cost-efficient way, contributing strongly to Australia’s renewable energy future.

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