Lake Bonney Wind Farm Stage 3, South Australia, Australia

One of the largest wind farm clusters in Australia

After the successful development of both the Lake Bonney Stage 1 (80.5 MW) and Lake Bonney Stage 2 (159 MW) wind farm projects, Lake Bonney Wind Power, a subsidiary of Infigen energy, successfully commissioned the 39 MW Lake Bonney Stage 3 wind farm. Construction commenced in February 2009 and was commissioned in September 2009.

Having performed similar roles in the first two stages, Aurecon was appointed as the owner’s engineer during the construction phase of the Stage 3 project. As the owner's engineer, Aurecon carried out project management, design review, and commissioning witnessing functions on behalf of Lake Bonney Wind Power.

Aurecon also maintained a full-time presence on-site during the construction period with the owner’s site representative was responsible for monitoring and reporting construction progress on site as well as liaising with landowners about construction activities being undertaken on their farms.

Thirteen Vestas V90-3 MW wind turbines were installed as part of Stage 3. Each turbine has a hub height of 80 metres, a rotor diameter of 90 metres, and is connected to the substation via 33 kv underground cables and overhead transmission lines.

The combined development, incorporating 112 wind turbines extending across 22 km of the Woakwine Range near the town of Millicent in south-east South Australia, represents one of the largest wind farm clusters in Australia, with around 278 MW of wind energy generation capacity. All three stages connect to the transmission grid via the 132 kv Mayurra substation.

The successful completion of our role as the owner’s engineer on the Lake Bonney Stage 3 project, further demonstrates that Aurecon is one of the leading consultants in Australia’s growing wind energy industry.

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