Kogan Creek Solar Boost, Queensland, Australia

The largest solar project in the Southern Hemisphere

CS Energy’s 750 megawatt coal-fired Kogan Creek Power Station near Chinchilla in south-west Queensland will become home to a 44 megawatt solar thermal addition. The Kogan Creek Solar Boost is the largest solar project in the Southern Hemisphere and the world’s largest solar integration with a coal-fired power station.

Aurecon is providing CS Energy with owner’s engineer services, which include a range of design reviews, as well as project and contract management services during the construction phase. This includes mobilising to site for the construction and commissioning phases, coordinating and inspecting the works and conducting witness testing with CS Energy.

The solar thermal system, utilising AREVA Solar’s Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) technology, will provide steam to augment the coal-fired steam and result in an increase in steam flow through the turbine and an increase in exported electricity.

This innovative solar project represents one of the most significant investments to date in solar thermal technology and is part of CS Energy’s commitment to producing cleaner electricity from existing coal-fired power stations.

The project is supported by the Australian Government under its Renewable Energy Demonstration Program and the Queensland Government through its contribution to CS Energy’s Carbon Reduction Program.

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