Katherine Power Station Upgrade, Northern Territory, Australia

Delivering robust supply system for the Katherine community

The Katherine Power Station provides vital power supply to the Katherine region in the Northern Territory. The power station is connected at the southernmost end of the Darwin to Katherine 132kV network and included the one critical 22kV switchboard that provided distribution supply to the entire Katherine community, with minimal redundancy.

The Katherine power supply upgrade was a complex project to address the many issues facing the supply system for Katherine, including increasing unreliability of critical infrastructure, complicated by demand growth outstripping the available generation capacity.

Aurecon worked closely alongside client, Power and Water, to design and implement the project, which extended over a four year period, from the initial design phase through to implementation, final commissioning and handover.

The project provided improvements to the Katherine power system including renewal and replacement of aged assets that were at the end of their usable lives and becoming more prone to failure as well as installation of both temporary and permanent additional generation capacity to meet current and future community needs. All of this was achieved around a fully operational power station which had to remain online and available throughout the project duration.

The project was responsible for delivering a robust supply system with new and additional equipment designed and installed to meet the needs of the Katherine community over the next 20 years and beyond.

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