HVDC Pole 3 Upgrade, New Zealand

Attaining growth and reliability needs through new convertor stations

Transpower’s Pole 3 HVDC Upgrade required the construction of new convertor stations at the Benmore and Haywards electrical substations. The HVDC link is a vital piece of New Zealand’s infrastructure and required a capacity and technology upgrade to meet growth and reliability needs.

The main contract was delivered as an NZD450 million design and construct contract by Siemens and utilised the latest state of the art technology from Germany. Aurecon was engaged by Siemens to provide the professional services for civil, structural, geotechnical, fire and building services on the project.

The project required compliance with very high seismic design standards where both the building and the critical electrical equipment had to be protected from extreme seismic events.

The project is the first seismically base isolated convertor station in the world and has required resolving many complex seismic and geotechnical issues to achieve this. The buildings and equipment are designed to accommodate a horizontal movement of +/- 700mm.

In August 2014, the project was awarded an ACENZ Gold Award, recognising the technical innovations achieved.

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