Castle Hill Wind Farm, New Zealand

This project will see Aurecon assisting Genesis Energy to deliver strategically located and cost effective wind farms using sophisticated modelling technology.

Our work included advisory services to enable our client to assess the commercial viability of the project and understand the risks and uncertainties in taking the project to the next stage of development (environmental assessment and consenting).

Aurecon undertook an initial detailed feasibility study of a large proposed wind farm development, including assessment of wind resource, constructability and grid connection. In partnership with Genesis Energy, a realistic programme and budget were then devised, with weekly progress reviews undertaken throughout the study.

The work also involved cross-specialist input, combining geotechnical, transport and civil engineering skills from our community development and infrastructure team, with specialist wind, electrical and transmission skills from our energy team.  We also utilised sophisticated GIS tools and online databases to manage the outputs of our work.

The wind resource assessment for the project relied on our advanced mesoscale modelling for the initial predictions rather than the traditional approach of erecting short monitoring masts. Measured data from masts that have since been erected, confirmed Aurecon’s original predictions and demonstrated that the confidence clients have in our innovative approaches to wind farm design is well placed.

Our approach, expertise and use of leading technologies resulted in a robust understanding of project potential, as well as demonstrating the role innovation can play in a project. Aurecon’s wind modelling technology has already been used in projects in Australia, South Africa, Afghanistan, Morocco, Malta, Poland, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

By working closely with Genesis Energy, the various deliverables from the project have provided significant value, allowing them to plan ongoing work to progress the development.

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