Victorian School Building Authority, Australia

Designing educational facilities of the future for Victorian children

  • Aurecon’s role: Infrastructure & risk advisory, project management & program advisory
  • Client: Victoria State Government (for the Victorian School Building Authority)
  • Project partners: Education Infrastructure Development Office, Capital Programs Assurance Services

Every child deserves access to a great school that prepares them to thrive in the 21st century. The Victorian Department of Education and Training through the Victorian School Building Authority is managing the education construction boom that will help ensure this.

In 2016, the state government created the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) to oversee and manage this important investment in educational infrastructure. In 2018, with a significant increase in the scale of the capital programme and to strengthen their portfolio services, the VSBA chose to insource the management and delivery of its infrastructure portfolio.

As much of the work had previously been outsourced, bringing this work in-house represented a major business transformation for the VSBA, its people, processes and technology.

Aurecon has been engaged as the VSBA’s advisory partner to assist the Education Infrastructure Development Office (EIDO) services and Capital Programs Assurance Services (CPAS) undertake this transformation.

This journey is like Aurecon’s own recent organisational transformation to be future ready for its clients.

With a long history of working together, Aurecon could bring its innovative nature, capability, culture and experience to assist the VSBA with its own transformation.

Developing a centre of excellence

Through the EIDO services Aurecon is helping VSBA become a centre of excellence for portfolio, programme and project management delivery for future infrastructure projects.

Our role includes developing the capability and capacity of the VSBA, as well as providing the additional capacity and expertise required to establish an enhanced EIDO, while meeting the VSBA’s business-as-usual responsibilities.

While external support is initially being delivered by Aurecon, the objective is that as the VSBA’s capability grows it will progressively scale up its insourced project management.

A core function of the EIDO services is to create a centre of excellence to support the VSBA projects and programmes with high-quality, timely and strategic reporting and insights.

Aurecon’s key roles are:

  • Programme and project management advisory support
  • Portfolio management standards and frameworks maintenance
  • Portfolio financial processing
  • Learning and development
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Enabling technology support and maintenance

Providing assurance to the programme

Aurecon is creating review, audit and measurement capabilities as part of the CPAS service to give programme performance confidence to the VSBA. Being able to trust and interpret the program data is highly important for the VSBA leadership.

Independent assurance that the VSBA’s policies and procedures, building quality and facility standards, time and cost objectives are being adhered to is being provided on the capital works programmes.

This is real time assurance, both forward looking and with the objective of enabling continuous improvement throughout the programme.

The benefits of this major transformation

The benefits of a structured and independent portfolio management capability within the VSBA are that improvements in the achievement of strategic, tactical and technical objectives across the school building programme will be tangible.

Aurecon is helping the VSBA with development of its own capability and tools to deliver its programmes and projects without relying on external consultants.

As an independent third party, we can confidently provide assurance to the VSBA that its portfolio management standards are being complied with, which enables the VSBA to demonstrate that time, cost and quality objectives are met.

With the creation of a new EIDO, the VSBA will be equipped to continue driving innovation and adapting for the future.

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