TAFE SA digital efficiency programme, Australia

Digital transformation for the changing needs of students and on-site facilities

Aurecon rolls out a digital efficiency programme for TAFE South Australia (SA) campuses.

More than one million students have studied with TAFE SA since it was established in 1971, choosing from 80 different areas of industry and activity to extend their higher education. In planning its future, TAFE SA was conscious of the role that digital technology will play in engaging with students and facilitating teaching and learning.

With the mission to transform people’s lives by delivering high-quality and financially sustainable training and education in a competitive environment, TAFE SA is making their own digital transformation. They are pursuing digital improvement through more effective processes, efficient operation and improving asset utilisation.

Aurecon was invited to help TAFE SA through their digital transformation to adapt their digital infrastructure for the changing needs of students and on-site facilities.

Aurecon applied its digital engineering and advisory expertise to kick start TAFE SA with a digital strategy and deliver the first layer of IT capable systems. The first layer increased the efficiency of TAFE SA’s campus buildings and established the necessary precedence for the next layer of more advanced and user-interactive control algorithms to be trialled and adopted.

The digital efficiency programme

Aurecon developed a digital strategy for TAFE SA with a digital map that gives a tailored pathway for design and delivery, through smart governance.

What a digital strategy offers is a systematic approach to delivering services that are matched with anticipated needs. The strategy will ensure that all new or upgraded digital solutions are compatible with, and aligned to, TAFE SA’s strategic plan. The by-product of the strategy will be a safe, reliable and memorable customer experience, as well as operational efficiencies for the building management function.

The digital journey began with a series of workshops to identify TAFE SA’s digital technology priorities in line with their strategic plan and financial position. A multi-criteria analysis was applied to the identified list of digital technologies to determine which applications would align with the educator’s strategic plan and in which phase it could be rolled out. The multi-criteria analysis had the project team assessing each possible digital technology solution against how it would improve the student experience, improve sustainability for the campus buildings, assist facilities management and align with the available budget.

Now, TAFE SA has a digital efficiency programme in a planned multi-phase rollout, across four financial years, of upgrading and installing digital technology for TAFE SA’s building facilities and student experiences.

With digital improvements for buildings and spaces in the areas of facilities management, procurement and information and communication technology, the focus was on overall cost efficiency while ensuring that TAFE SA has access to the equipment, infrastructure and venues appropriate to its teaching program, and stakeholder expectations.

Planned digital improvements to manage the building asset performance and space utilisation included upgrading, integrating and standardising building management systems:

  • Improved door control to enhance the building’s ability to manage child safe protection with access permissions
  • Enhanced security and CCTV systems and their integration with the building’s other digital systems
  • Monitoring of building and space utilisation to collect data for facility planning and building maintenance
  • Install sensors for better space utilisation, congregation and movement: environmental sensors, light sensor, water sensors, air sensors, thermal sensors and PIR sensors

Improving the student experience

The student experience encompasses all aspects of student life (i.e. academic, social, welfare and support) with the academic imperative at the heart of it.

TAFE SA has a very strong commitment to a future of streamlining its systems to make the student experience even better, and digital systems and infrastructure have a role to play.

Planned digital improvements to make the TAFE SA student experience better include:

  • A digital kiosk and signage for directional wayfinding and safety messaging
  • Integrated digital tools that provide wireless mobile access personalised to the needs of individual students
  • Personalised, interactive and seamless single sign on access
  • Closed communication loops for information, enabling continuous engagement, development and ideation

The expected benefit from the digital efficiency programme is to instil a trust in and compliance through digital solutions, providing better service and deeper data integration. 

The programme will completely revolutionise TAFE SA’s digital systems and infrastructure to create improved student experiences and building facilities management.

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