SMU Connexion, Singapore

First WELL pre-certified green building in Singapore

  • First WELL pre-certification in Singapore
  • Aurecon’s role: Sustainability consultancy
  • Client: Singapore Management University

Aurecon successfully facilitated Singapore Management University’s SMU Connexion to become the first WELL pre-certified project in the country.

Developed by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), the WELL Building Standard serves as the benchmark for built environment spaces looking to integrate human-centric features in their structures. It combines scientific research and literature with engineering, design, and construction practices to determine and certify buildings and areas all over the world that advocate health and wellness.

Sustainability Leader for Aurecon in Singapore Ameet Ankaikar shared that Aurecon was specifically appointed by SMU for this project after they attended a study tour in Australia. He stated that the organiser, Singapore Green Building Council requested for Aurecon’s assistance after the successful Carbon Footprint Study that was conducted for Jurong Port in 2017. The delegates included officials from SMU.

After the tour, the University decided to proceed with the pre-certification process. Together with Jessica Bennett (Sustainability Leader, Victoria), Ameet determined the potential WELL rating scenarios and the obstacles in achieving each feature and established the equivalencies that aligned WELL’s Americanised context with the local market.

According to a 2018 study features such as access to natural lighting, noise reduction, and smart space design contribute to a higher level of satisfaction among the building’s occupants.

According to Ameet, Aurecon is committed to build a better future for upcoming generations and are constantly seeking opportunities that will improve sustainability in their design while promoting health and wellness amongst its users.

As Asia’s built environment sector realise the importance of green and human-centric design in their projects, Aurecon’s Sustainability teams in the region are confident that their technical competencies can fulfil the demands of the market.

Ameet noted that more clients are seeking advice on how they can best support their staff to live a healthy and ‘well’ life, especially in Singapore and Vietnam.

SMU Connexion is recognised as the city centre’s first large-scale mass engineered timber development and on-site net zero energy building, with its own power generated from a photovoltaic system. Preparations for the green building’s WELL certification are currently underway.

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