Aurecon provide project management services for Department of Defence’s Estate Works Program.


Project Delivery Services for the Department of Defence’s Estate Works Program, Australia

Defence Estate Works Program bolsters economic stimulus and project delivery

Aurecon is one of only two Project Delivery Services (PDS) contractors that is contracted to provide project management services for the construction, maintenance and consultancy projects for the Department of Defence’s Estate Works Program (EWP).

The EWP is Defence’s established program of works that develops and manages its complex and diverse Estate – not only to navigate continual and accelerated capital investment, but also to capitalise on modern technology, digitalisation and workforce capability opportunities.

The program delivers sustaining capital projects to maintain existing assets and comply with safety requirements across a vast number of sites in Australia.

On any given day, there are typically more than 500 active projects underway, with a centrally coordinated approach that monitors the progress and performance of those projects against key milestones.

Each year, Aurecon delivers approximately AUD 400 million of capital improvement works under the programme, via a range of projects including, but not limited to, building services, civil and road upgrades, marine structures upgrades, heritage restorations, environmental remediation, airfield maintenance and training area improvement.

This incredibly extensive and complex programme emphatically cements the Australian Government’s commitment to the Department of Defence, vital to the country’s national security interests. It also helps to support local and Indigenous communities and drives Defence’s digital strategy and environmental goals.

Assets sustained according to specific project requirements

The Estate Works Program is accelerating Defence Estate facilities and infrastructure projects to support Australia’s economic prosperity and national security.

Aurecon’s wealth of Defence sector experience, knowledge and practical understanding is unlocking opportunities to greatly increase the volume of projects the programme can deliver.

A system and process-based approach, strong codification across all phases of project execution, and dedicated project managers, ensure that assets are delivered to individual project requirements.

Each project that Aurecon designs and manages plays an important part in developing and maintaining Defence facilities that support personnel to protect and serve Australia’s defence and national security interests.

Local engagement supports jobs

In addition to Aurecon’s ongoing contribution to Defence capability through project management appointments, the company supports the Australian Government’s procurement strategy by engaging local industry capabilities with small to medium-sized enterprises given an opportunity to bid on projects. This includes a dedicated effort to engage local Indigenous Business Enterprises (IBEs).

The approach generates short-term employment opportunities for these businesses, predominately in the building and construction labour markets in regional and remote areas.

In the year to July 2021 alone, close to AUD 1 billion was paid to local small to medium-sized enterprises engaged under the programme, including more than AUD 280 million paid to Indigenous businesses.

In South Australia, the Cultana Training Area Road Upgrade was delivered with the Indigenous Business Enterprise Waanyi Shamrock United – together widening the main supply track to a width of eight metres to accommodate heavy vehicle access and support varying types of vehicles for personnel training.

Digitally-enabled solutions building Defence capability

Rapid digitalisation and evolving technologies are driving digitally-enabled project delivery solutions under the Estate Works Program.

Projects are capturing, connecting and using digital tools to empower delivery teams to make better informed and more effective decisions for today and the future.

Digital solutions are benefitting sustaining capital projects, simplifying the procurement and management process while improving productivity and value creation by making the best use of existing assets and standardising outputs where relevant.

This approach has been applied to the submarine gangways at Diamantina Wharf in Western Australia, critical to operations as the only safe means of access to and from the submarines. The structural, mechanical and electrical requirements were digitally designed and animated to communicate the operation and principal features to stakeholders. The digital outputs also more easily communicated the bespoke designs to the materials fabricator rather than relying on their interpretation of traditional 2D drawings.

Sustainable environmental management and future energy

Ensuring a sustainable Defence Estate aligns with Commonwealth legislative requirements to help protect natural resources. Projects delivered under the programme proactively consider current and emerging environmental issues including climate change, PFAS contamination, decarbonisation and renewable energy.

Under the Estate Works Program, Aurecon identifies and addresses environmental and energy opportunities, and challenges, with a circular economy mindset which enables the Estate to adapt and evolve for the future.

One example is contaminated material reuse at RAAF Williams Base Point Cook. Aurecon reused concrete waste from a non-related project at the same site, crushed the material onsite and reused it as the pavement sub-base for a 1600 square-metre car park the firm was managing. This is the first recycled pavement sub-base on any Defence base in Australia.

Other examples include solar panels on the roofs of refurbished buildings, civil works that better protect assets from flooding, fuel farms that protect the environment against leaks, and critical infrastructure that protects communities and the environment.

This circular economy approach ensures that less materials are downgraded as they are recycled and infused into new projects, or infrastructure better protects communities and the environment.

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