Joint Project 2077 Military Integrated Logistics Information System, Australia

Military Integrated Logistics Information System (MILIS) is designed to provide standardised logistics processes across the Defence supply chain via a single system and improved decision-making support through reliable, accurate and timely data. In addition, MILIS has become the financial system for managing General Stores Inventory and Repairable Items.

The scope of Joint Project (JP2077) includes future phases aimed at improving deployed logistics support and enhance engineering and maintenance activities. MILIS and its predecessor, the Standard Defence Supply System (SDSS), are based on software provided by Mincom (now Ventyx).

Aurecon was engaged by Mincom to conduct a review of the MILIS Training Needs Analysis in accordance with Defence training standards and stakeholder requirements.

Aurecon was then engaged to support the design, development and delivery of MILIS Training including the piloting of courseware. In preparation for ‘Go-Live’ Aurecon delivered user training to 15 000 Defence attendees. This required a team of 68 logistics information systems trainers who were certified and held appropriate Defence security clearances.

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