Aurecon project managers the development of new Super Hornet facilities in Queensland.


Super Hornet RAAF Facilities Project, Queensland, Australia

Helping deliver facilities to house new aircraft for the Air Force

In 2007 it was announced that the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) was to purchase 24 Super Hornets to be based in Amberley, Queensland. This meant new working, logistics and training facilities were needed to be built to accommodate them.

Aurecon was appointed as the Project Manager, to supervise the delivery of the new and refurbished facilities through the use of the client’s managing contractor contract.

Aurecon was also responsible for the preparation and administration of the tender documents to be used by the managing contractor contract and an environmental consultant, as well as facilitating and managing comprehensive and structured value and risk management reviews across the life of the project. To produce a successful outcome, Aurecon structured a team that was able to draw on extensive experience in managing and administrating Defence projects and infrastructure contracts.

Aurecon also ensured that with the correct resourcing of the team the project meet the tight environmental, time, cost and quality requirements.

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