SpaceDC’s JAK1 Data Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia

Aurecon leads the design of SpaceDC JAK1 Data Centre

  • Aurecon’s role: Lead consultant providing mechanical, electrical, fire protection, fuel, ICT, hydraulics engineering and vertical transportation
  • Client: SpaceDC

Digital infrastructure is very much in demand, with cloud service requirements increasing and data centres being constructed as businesses switch to more online and remote working.

Singapore-based SpaceDC is building a 25MW IT central campus in Indonesia despite the disruption and challenges of COVID-19’s global and regional impact on the construction industry.

JAK1 is a 24-megawatt IT load data centre with more than 3,900 data racks. Its network rich connectivity will be ideal for companies looking for a secure and resilient hyperscale facility in Jakarta.

Remote meetings, remote inspections and commissioning

Design work continues through the pandemic with the assistance of digital collaboration tools and virtual project teams located in Indonesia, Singapore and Australia.

Design meetings and collaborative workshops have almost exclusively been hosted via Video Conferencing with most project team members working from home. Digital platforms for hosting real-time BIM models have allowed for greater coordination and quicker turnaround of design iteration to help SpaceDC minimise project cost and time to market.

Once construction commences, Aurecon, SpaceDC and the other stakeholders will leverage digital technology to remotely undertake tasks such as defects inspections, factory and site acceptance tests and onsite commissioning. Aurecon is embracing a virtual factory acceptance test process that involves using video as an additional way of recording and validating in-factory tests before shipping. These are just some of the aspects that make JAK1 innovative.

Indonesia is currently one of the world’s fastest growing regions for data centres and the digital economy. Given Aurecon’s data centre experience in Indonesia and the broader Asia region, SpaceDC engaged the team to complete the mechanical, electrical, fire protection, fuel, ICT and hydraulics engineering.

Country-specific variables are taken into consideration to meet international data centre design standards in the local Indonesian context. Aurecon leverages its on-site operations team and partners local experts to provide oversight during design and construction.

Innovation and sustainability

Designed to meet energy performance and sustainability objectives, with a projected annualised PUE of less than 1.3, it is one of the more energy efficient facilities given its scale and plant configuration. In Indonesia, facilities of this scale and configuration typically have PUEs in between 1.80 to 2.0.

This sustainable design is achieved by applying the principles of Reduce and Reuse.

  • Reduce: The amount of energy that the mechanical plant will demand is lowered by utilising a higher chilled water supply and return temperature. This reduces chiller lift and thereby improving overall Coefficient of Performance (COP). Energy is also reduced using energy efficient fan wall units and energy performance is further improved through the use of hot aisle containment.
  • Reuse: The design is intentionally modular and scalable. Many features in the building design can be repeated in the subsequent phases of the project. Given its modular construction where the materials are prefabricated offsite before being positioned and connected-onsite, help improve construction efficiency, site safety and reduces construction waste of the JAK1 build.

At a glance, the facility features:

  • Four-storey data hall building, approximately 26 000m2
  • 16 x 1500kW data halls
  • Designed to Uptime Tier III requirements
  • Four-storey administration building with office and desking space, loading dock, storage and support spaces
  • N+1 distributed redundancy on all critical power and for cooling systems
  • Diverse paths for all critical infrastructure
  • 24/7 IT support
  • State of the art physical and electronic security design
  • 24/7 onsite NOC monitoring: Power, HVAC and critical systems
  • 24/7 Singapore security monitoring and NOC, providing overview and support to site
  • CSMS monitors all building functions including BMS, SCADA, EMS, fire, security and access control systems
  • Integration with the recently completed JAK2 facility
  • Scaled building design allowing for future expansion

Aurecon is proud to be creating a flexible, secure and energy efficient data centre in line with the global demand increase for digital data co-location.

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