Aurecon provides structural, civil, and building services engineering to NEXTDC S2 in Sydney.


NEXTDC S2 Data Centre, Sydney, Australia

Data centre designed for unprecedented reliability and connectivity for businesses

  • Aurecon’s role: Structural, civil and building services engineering
  • Client: NEXTDC
  • Project team: GREENBOX Architecture and Multiplex
  • Aurecon’s expertise: Bridges & civil structures, Building design
  • Status: Completed 2020

The need for data centres is growing rapidly across the globe, and Aurecon has helped NEXTDC double its capacity in Sydney with the completion of S2. The facility is NEXTDC’s first Uptime Institute Tier IV certified data centre in New South Wales, with 30 megawatts of installed IT capacity. Tier IV certification is currently the peak of the tier classification system created by Uptime Institute to evaluate individual data centre performance.

Aurecon was NEXTDC’s S2 design partner, providing structural, civil and building services engineering for this major digital interconnectivity hub in Sydney.

Delivering direct connections straight to the major public cloud platforms, S2 links to S1 via a data centre interconnect (DCI), ensuring immediate access between the two facilities.

Environmental efficiency

As part of NEXTDC’s ongoing focus on environmental sustainability, S2 is designed to feature independent benchmarking of cooling efficiency with a full-year target power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.29 and a seasonal best target PUE of 1.15.

The evolution of digital technology and the rate of adoption is growing at an unprecedented pace, therefore, it is imperative that S2 stays ahead of the needs of its customers. The data centre has been built with flexibility in mind, so each of the switch rooms has additional available capacity to enable NEXTDC to expand the facility in the future.

Construction efficiency

Aurecon’s engineers designed and installed more than 30 generator rooms and 24 switch rooms by first positioning them outside the building to build and test the units before installing them inside the main structure.

The generator and switch rooms for S2 were part of the highly-modular design. The approach delivered just-in-time capacity with more than 75 per cent of the critical plant being manufactured and tested off-site, minimising deployment and commissioning times and accelerating productivity.

This meant that construction on the main building proceeded simultaneously with the manufacture and testing of critical plant to maintain the project timeframe.

Construction staging was critical on S2 for efficiency and productivity. The lower data halls were built and operational for NEXTDC customers, while the upper floors were still under construction. Careful planning in advance for the mechanical, electrical and water systems was important because as new floors were built, they had to integrate seamlessly into the already-completed structure with no downtime or break in electrical connection.

S2’s engineering and architectural design delivers an advanced example of data centre infrastructure that is able to handle rigorous uptime requirements and long-term viability. The facility is purpose built to suit the growing digital requirements of Australian and international businesses.

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