Global Switch Sydney West and East, Australia

Aurecon has a trusted relationship with Global Switch in both Asia and Australia, developing some of the largest and most innovative data centres.

  • Aurecon’s role: All design services including architectural, cost planning and development applications and ongoing operational support
  • Client: Global Switch

Global Switch Sydney West

Global Switch Sydney West is a high redundancy, high reliability data centre that provides 30 000 m² of Tier 3 quality serviced white space to a range tenants. Located in Ultimo, close to the centre of Sydney city, it occupies a refurbished multi-storey building.

Utilising 11 kV diesel rotary UPS units and 6.6 kV chilled water cooling systems, it provides high levels of resiliency and redundancy to tenants.

Aurecon’s innovative approach to project delivery included major plant items such as transformers, chillers and UPS's being pre-tendered to save time. We utilised an ‘alliance’ approach to our involvement in the construction team with Aurecon working closely alongside the builder and sub-contractors throughout the construction period.

To assist the client in managing the construction, Aurecon deployed two senior Aurecon personnel full-time on-site for the duration of the construction period.

We developed and implemented a thorough integrated testing and commissioning procedure for the entire installation from inception to successful completion.

This project resulted in a landmark data centre facility and the first mega data centre in Australia, using diesel rotary UPS technology. A number of key lessons were identified as a result of building on this scale including benefits of operating at high voltage for reticulation when moving major power around a large building and of using large block high voltage equipment such as the chillers, to increase the efficiency of the facility.

Aurecon has been involved with Global Switch Sydney West for over 12 years, from its initial design and construction, through to the growth and fit out of the tenancy spaces. Aurecon continues to work with Global Switch to maintain the facility at peak efficiency and reliability.

Global Switch Sydney East

Global Switch expanded their footprint within the Australian market through developing one of the southern hemisphere’s largest data centres, Sydney East – adjacent to Sydney West.

Aurecon was engaged to develop initial concepts to a 70 per cent design for completion by a D&C Contractor. This included all design services including architectural, cost planning and development applications.

The facility exceeds Sydney West in terms of maintainability, reliability and efficiency.

Aurecon developed a green data centre, that utilises low loss high efficiency power systems and an innovative water side free cooling solution to reduce energy consumption and increase asset utilisation.

This facility has a 30,000 m² floor area and is compliant to TIA942 Class 3/4 standards. The power feeds consist of three 33kV (N+1) lines shared with Sydney 1 with back-up provided by 11kV Rotary UPS in 2MW modules (N+2) interconnected on an isolated parallel (IP) bus system.

HVAC centrifugal water-cooled chillers connected to cold water storage with 12 hours storage, dual connections, storm water harvesting and water treatment provide sustainable development and assist in targeting a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Rating. Global Switch is targeting the LEED Gold rating to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Fire detection and suppression is provided by analogue detection in all areas, with an aspirating smoke detection system and gas suppression system in technical areas.

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