Global Switch Data Centre, Hong Kong

Aurecon delivers engineering services for Hong Kong’s largest carrier and cloud-neutral data centre

  • 100 MVA, 71 000 m2 data services hub within 30 000 m2 of data space
  • Aurecon's role: MEP engineering services, as well as final equipment selection and module sizing services
  • Clients: Gammon Construction Limited & Global Switch

Rapid economic growth in the region provided the ideal impetus for the construction of the Global Switch Data Centre in the Tseung Kwan O (TKO) Science and Technology Park. Working in close collaboration with construction partner Gammon Construction Limited, Aurecon delivered mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering services, as well as final equipment selection and module sizing services to construct the largest carrier and cloud-neutral data centre in Hong Kong.

With bright economic prospects appearing on the horizon, the 100 MVA, 71 000 m² data services hub is an important resource for local and international tenants that have increasing demand for cloud services and IT business in the banking, financial services, insurance and telecommunications sectors. Organisations eyeing Hong Kong for local, regional or global expansion will likewise benefit, as the project boasts of over 30 000 m² data space.

Environmental sustainability and innovative design for long-term energy efficiency

A key challenge for the design team was to optimise the overall energy consumption of the completed facility. To address this, Aurecon’s designers implemented energy-saving features such as partial and full waterside free cooling, and an elevated chilled water temperature with 17°C supply temperature and 25°C return temperature configuration.

This also includes using diesel rotary uninterruptible power supply devices (DRUPS) in Isolated Parallel (IP) Bus ring, to provide more secure and reliable back-up power which is the first of this size and scale in Hong Kong.

Global Switch Hong Kong is one of the largest data centres in Asia with an overall installed power capacity of 100 MVA and is also the first data centre in Hong Kong with a DRUPS in IP Ring configuration. One of the major challenges we overcame was to liaise with the local power authority to seek authority of the DRUPS scheme.

Collaboration with other Aurecon offices provided the catalyst to ensure overall approval of the scheme with local authorities.

Aurecon’s data centre experience in Sydney and technical know-how was leveraged for the project, which allowed the team to display its strong hands-on experience in the use of DRUPS with IP configuration. This meant that Aurecon was able to advise and assist the client with final equipment selection, module sizing and designing of all MEP services.

The combination of Gammon Construction and Aurecon was an advantageous partnership as both parties have worked successfully with Global Switch in different locations. In addition, Global Switch was impressed by the strong and collaborative relationship between Aurecon’s Asia and Australian offices.

Stage 1 has achieved a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Rating. The data centre is also targeting the Hong Kong Green Building Council’s BEAM Plus New Build Gold rating.

Stage 2 became operational in 2017.

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