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What is the future of the built environment?

We are moving toward an increasingly digital, interconnected society and with it comes the realisation that everything we know will change.

Compared to other industries, the built environment has been slower to react to this change. In some ways, we’ve been in ‘catch-up’ mode, clutching tightly to the ‘status quo’. The reality is that operational and construction functions, activities and experiences, as well as expectations around performance are evolving and so too must the built environment.

Disruptive technologies are also driving home the fact that we cannot predict the future, but we can ask the right questions.

To better understand how we can anticipate the journey towards buildings of the future, we spoke at length to a broad group of professionals across the built environment to imagine what the future of buildings might look like and how they might be created. We asked them to share their thoughts around what’s driving demand, challenges inherent in reaching intelligent building status and what some of the next steps in this journey might be.

We invite you on this journey with us, as we deliver a series of Buildings of the Future insights that explore key trends in the built environment and how digital engineering is reshaping the way we think about building design, building performance and how people live. 

Join us as we build (pun intended) our knowledge, understanding and readiness about Buildings of the Future.

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Putting people at the heart of our built environment has brought the design of Australia’s tallest and largest engineered-timber office building to life.

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