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Essential to every aspect of life is the security and resilience of water resources. From economic prosperity through to social cohesion and public health, Aurecon understands the true power of providing water services to meet the complex needs of tomorrow’s world.

Our work begins with making a difference and realising the true value of water for clients and communities. Water security, water use efficiency, climate resilience, sustainable sanitation, and reduced risk from water pollution and floods are all areas that are key to our planning, design and construction processes for water projects.

Our water capabilities are also critical in supporting future energy projects including hydro power and improved energy efficiency for treatment and re-use of water, the design of critical transport links, agriculture, and in developing water sensitive cities.

The sustainable management of water infrastructure requires an integrated approach to design, construction, operations and management. We apply our comprehensive knowledge of the water sector gained through years of experience and couple this with design led engineering to create out of the box, and cost effective solutions.

Our difference

With over 80 years of experience in the water sector, we offer integrated water services, design, and construction management that address every element of the project life cycle.

To effectively manage increasing social and environmental pressures on water resources, we must apply an interdisciplinary approach. We develop a localised understanding of the water infrastructure and linked systems to deliver truly transformational projects. At Aurecon, we are able to draw on a global pool of leading water experts and blend this with a deep understanding of local conditions that is also supported by complimentary aspects of our global business.

We truly believe that bringing ideas to life for water means making the world a better place for all, and is critical for sustainable economic growth and development.

Our services

Our water capabilities include:

  • Water Resources Management: hydrology and hydrological modelling for decision support systems (DSS), groundwater, water quality, erosion and sedimentation, integrated water resources management (IWRM), environmental flow requirements, water resources policy and planning including feasibility studies and prioritization of future water supply options.
  • Dams, weirs, canals and hydropower: hydrology and preliminary design, site identification, feasibility studies, detailed design, and implementation.
  • Bulk water infrastructure (pipelines and pump stations): pipeline route optimization, surge analysis, materials selection, corrosion protection, civil, mechanical and electrical, pump stations, and construction management.
  • Water and wastewater treatment: master planning, preliminary design options analysis, detailed process design, civil, mechanical and electrical, operations, training and maintenance, energy efficiency, and environmental compliance.
  • Flooding and drainage: Urban drainage systems, river and creek networks, hydrologic analysis, flood lines, flood mapping and management, habitats.
  • Water for industry, mining and manufacturing: source water vulnerability assessment, water balance modelling, process design, treatment and re-use.
  • Engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM): Site supervision, commissioning, construction services and management.
Target: net zero – navigating the transition risks created by climate change

Target: net zero

Transitioning to net zero carbon emissions requires decarbonising economies to challenge every aspect of their energy, resources and mobility decisions across every industry. How will your industry transition to a net zero carbon future?

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